How Should You Drive Sales through Gift Cards?

Introducing gift cards is one of the best marketing strategies. Compared to other marketing techniques, gift cards bring more sales and long-lasting customers. People gain a trust factor towards the brand and they stay connected with it without any questions and queries. In simple words, the brands take the next step to success with gift cards. 

Gift cards are a boon to your organization, present as well as in the future. But, sometimes, things don’t turn in your favor. Don’t think that there is any mistake in the launching of the gift card or problem from the operator handling the operations of the gift cards on your behalf. Basically, the mistake is all yours. 

Gift cards will not increase your sales until they are known to your customers. Introducing them doesn’t mean that your customers are aware and they will buy them. The thing is you should make efforts to bring your gift cards to the notice of your potential customers. You should make them aware using different techniques. 

In this post, we will discuss tricks to promote your gift cards and drive sales through them. 

You should create a campaign to tell your customers about the gift card 

To make your gift card visible to your potential customers, you should spread the word across marketing channels. For example, you should display the demo of your gift card at different corners of your store, your website, and your application, no matter if you are using a physical or electronic gift card. It’s about creating awareness so that people buy a gift card. 

In your store, you can put simple signs saying “Ask for your gift card” or “Give the perfect gift card”. For online promotion, you can create pop-up boxes or banners on your website or app, opt for email marketing and send details to your potential customers, promote on different social media platforms, and consider targeted advertising. 

You should offer buy-one-get-one-free promotions

A gift card with additional offers; it’s like a cherry on the cake. No one would like to skip this offer. Even if the additional offer is less, people will be excited to buy your gift card. One of the options is giving a gift card when your customer purchases a gift card of a certain value. 

With this, the shoppers will come with two gift cards and end up spending more than the value of the free gift card. Even if it’s about getting a freebie, customers will shop and cover your freebie cost completely. Just remember that this idea won’t cost you much. 

 But, before you implement this promotional technique, don’t forget to mention that both the gift cards cannot be used on the same day. 

You should sell specialized gift cards for special occasions 

This is very important. As the name suggests, people buy gift cards to give to their loved ones on special occasions. For example, the upcoming special occasions are Dussehra, Diwali, Christmas, and so on. So to increase your sales, you should sell specialized gift cards for special occasions. 

You should keep a track of all the special occasions and start customizing the gift cards as early as possible. People don’t buy gift cards exactly on the day of special occasion. So, you should be mindful of the same.

 A gift card is a backbone to your organization. But, this backbone will only be strong if you tell your customers about it in the right way.