Prepaid/ Gift Card

Introduce gift cards to your business and attract more genuine customers for long-term goals.

  • Widely Accepted

  • Simple to Use

  • High Security

  • Flexible Denomination

Benefits for Brand

Gift cards are a perfect way to promote your brand and increase your ROI.

Increase brand loyalty

Your relationship with your customers determines how loyal they are to you. So, with our prepaid gift cards, you will be able to retain your loyal customer base for a long time.

Attract new customers

Allowing your existing customers to share your business gift cards, designed by us, with their near and dear ones will attract new prospective customers to your business.

Works like real money

Retail and biog enterprises can use our gift cards to gift their customers during special occasions, like festive or seasonal sales.

Generate more profits

By introducing our gift cards to your business model, you will generate more profits, as your customers will probably buy more products than the amount in the gift card.

Strengthen your brand image

With our unique and secured gift cards, you will be able to strengthen your brand among the general public and gain more customers.

Avoiding fraudulent returns

When you offer a gift card every time a person returns their products, you can be sure that they will be using it again to purchase another product at your store.

Top-up when required

Since a gift card typically works like a credit card, your customers will be able to top-up whenever they feel like it.

Budget under control

Allow your customers to shop within the gift card budget and avoid unexpected expenditure with our budget gift cards.

E-Coupon Card

The E-Coupon Cards offer a sense of saving the buyer that drives him to do their shopping. On the other hand, the company achieves greater visibility of the business and more visits and purchases. To increase sales, we can carry out a discount coupon strategy. In it, we must select the type of coupon that we are going to make.

  • Widely Accepted

  • Simple to Use

  • High Security

  • Flexible Denomination

Benefits for Brand

Our e-coupon cards are designed to improve your customer retention with time-sensitive campaigns.

Attract new customers

Introducing our e-coupon cards will get your customers talking about our brand, thus prompting new prospects to check you out.

Get loyal customers

When you introduce a new thing to a business, an e-coupon, in this case, you can attract generations of loyal customers without worrying about losing that support system.

Unique Limited time offer

People love trying new things, and with our e-coupon, you can put a spin on the good old limited time offer campaigns.

Promotes engagement

If you are looking to promote engagement to your online and physical stores, e-coupons are the perfect way to do so.

Increase in sales

It goes without saying that consumers love discounts on their products. You will see an increase in sales with Valuedesign’s unique e-coupon strategy.

Access to several clients

Be open to receiving a copious number of customers for the time frame you set your e-coupons to be activated.

Online and offline redemption

Allow your customers to redeem their e-coupons on both online and offline stores during a certain day and at a certain time.

Minimal investment

With our customized e-coupons, you can get more by investing less for your business.

Distribution/ reselling business

Distribution Business is a business activity that facilitates the delivery of goods and services from producers to consumers. As mentioned earlier, distribution business activities are closely related to marketing because distribution businesses must strive for goods and services to be spread or delivered to the right target consumers.

  • Widely Accepted

  • Simple to Use

  • High Security

  • Flexible Denomination

Benefits for Brand

Distributing/reselling cards through Valuedesign works in favour of both the consumers and the business selling them.

Set your profit margin

Even though we distribute your cards to your target demographics, you can set your own profit margin.

Low financial risk

As we resell your cards to your targeted demographics, you will be facing little to no financial risk for your business.

Acquire new customers.

We sell your cards to your customer demographics, and you can see the increase in sales in your business in no time.

Increase customer visit

Once you get going with our card distribution services, you will start seeing an increase in customer visits on your website, looking for products to buy.

Safer transaction.

We ensure that both your customers and you feel secure in this digital gifting transaction.

Digital instrument.

Make your card distribution digital by implementing paperless discount codes in your business.

Access to ready distribution market

Since we have a network of retailers and enterprises, you get access to a readymade network to promote your brand with our reselling services.

Loyalty Programme

Customer loyalty programs establish a series of strategies to develop and strengthen brand loyalty by customers considered permanent. Beyond a good relationship and interaction between the customer and the brand, loyalty programs seek to establish certain tactics to take a satisfied customer to the next level: loyalty.

  • Widely Accepted

  • Simple to Use

  • High Security

  • Flexible Denomination

Benefits for Brand

While you search for, don’t forget to retain your old customers too - introduce a loyalty programme for them with our top-notch services.

Reward your customers

Make your long-time customers feel special by allowing them to access your unique loyalty programme.

Retain existing customers

Retaining old customers is easier with loyalty programmes than attracting new ones with discounted sales.

Increase sales and volumes

Since your loyal customers can buy more products at a discounted rate with your loyalty programme cards, they eventually end up buying more products.

Build a personal relationship

With your loyalty programme cards, your customers feel a personal connection to your brand.

Customer data and insight

Advertising is also easier with loyalty programmes as you get a full insight into the customer’s data, and you can recommend them their preferred products.

Attract new customers.

When people learn about your unparalleled loyalty programmed cards services from your existing customers, your business can attract more new customers with word of mouth.