Distribution/Reselling Card

As a business owner, if you are looking to distribute or resell your gift cards to your targeted customer base, we will help you connect with them.

Distribution/ reselling business

Distribution Business is a business activity that facilitates the delivery of goods and services from producers to consumers. As mentioned earlier, distribution business activities are closely related to marketing because distribution businesses must strive for goods and services to be spread or delivered to the right target consumers.

  • Widely Accepted

  • Simple to Use

  • High Security

  • Flexible Denomination

Benefits for Brand

Distributing/reselling cards through Valuedesign works in favour of both the consumers and the business selling them.

Set your profit margin

Even though we distribute your cards to your target demographics, you can set your own profit margin.

Low financial risk

As we resell your cards to your targeted demographics, you will be facing little to no financial risk for your business.

Acquire new customers.

We sell your cards to your customer demographics, and you can see the increase in sales in your business in no time.

Increase customer visit

Once you get going with our card distribution services, you will start seeing an increase in customer visits on your website, looking for products to buy.

Safer transaction.

We ensure that both your customers and you feel secure in this digital gifting transaction.

Digital instrument.

Make your card distribution digital by implementing paperless discount codes in your business.

Access to ready distribution market

Since we have a network of retailers and enterprises, you get access to a readymade network to promote your brand with our reselling services.