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Discover the Story of Valuedesign India

Leader in providing gifting solutions to businesses

Ever since its launch in 2006, Valuedesign has managed to spread its business across several countries globally and helped corporate and retail business owners retain 50% of their customers and attract new customers at the same time.

  • ● We are a market leader in Asia, making our way to the global scale.
  • ● We worked with more than 832 corporate and retail businesses and over 100,000 of their stores all across Asia.
  • ● Our business operation currently spans all across Asia.
  • ● Prepaid Transaction Processing Volume (year) : approx. US$ 8,000,000,000 (Japanese yen approx. 1 trillion yen).

Our skilled team members can do it all through our proven business methodology. We offer businesses take a step into the future of gifting in 5 simple steps:

Customer Retention

Before getting started anything, our clients are required to send us an inquiry and fix an appointment so that we can discuss in detail what they are looking for.

Customer Retention

In our meeting with the business owners, we try to understand their business operations, sales records, and problems with retaining customers or just launching gift card solutions.

Customer Retention
Create a program

Once we have all the details, we create a custom program tailored to our client’s requirements.

Customer Retention

We prepare programs depending on the directions given by our clients and implement gift cards or e-coupons to the products they apply to.

Customer Retention

Once our clients are happy with the gifting programs, the program is ready to launch to their customers.

Vision and Mission

A bridge between service providers and users
Currently, many electronic commerce and payment services are appearing in Japan, and our lives are changing drastically. I have been involved in the payment business for more than a dozen years before, but what is a payment service that really benefits client companies, stores, and consumers? While always thinking, I came up with the new possibilities of "prepaid cards" and established our company. This new perspective of prepaid card provided by our company can be used as a tool for companies and stores to increase connections with customers and grow, and bring smiles to both the companies and shops and the customers who visit them. It is a service that can be done. In fact, one month after the introduction, when the top of the restaurant company that introduced it asked me to shake hands with a smile saying "I'm really glad I introduced the prepaid card!" When I witnessed the conversation, "It's a great deal!", I realized again that this is exactly what we are aiming for. In order to create smiles for our customers, companies, and us, we would like to spread the value design "prepaid service" in Japan and around the world with "trust" first.

Shuji Hayashi - President and Representative Director *FY2022

Your trusted solution provider

Valuedesign was founded in 2006 and became a listed company in 2016.

Your trusted solution provider