February (Heart Health Month): Gift Cards for Heart Health Awareness

A dedicated month for Heart Health acts as a reminder to check up on your heart and ensure it remains healthy. In India, February is celebrated as Heart Health Month to provide an opportunity for everyone to take a break for a while and consider how to monitor and take care of their hearts and ensure everyone lives a long, healthy life.

According to Healthians, 6 out of 10 Indians are found to have abnormal levels of bad cholesterol, which is often an outcome of heavy consumption of junk food and a poor diet. High levels of bad cholesterol often exist with other health problems, such as obesity, diabetes, and heart diseases. Besides, high cholesterol itself can lead to heart attack or stroke.

How to address this problem at large?

The easiest way is that companies and organizations can provide their employees with Health Gift Cards on special occasions, such as during February – Heart Health Month. This will not only promote Health and Wellness at Work but also increase respect in the eyes of employees for their organizations.

Health Gift Cards such as Healthians Gift Cards allow people to book Health Tests and get them done at home. This gives people an easy way to track their health, including heart health tests, and take measures accordingly.

What Makes Health Gift Cards the Best Health Gift for Anyone?

There are certainly many benefits of giving Health Gift Cards as corporate gifts and incentives. Some of these are:

Build a Healthy and Productive Community

In India, if there is one thing that most people ignore is their health. We live in a country where more people believe in home-based remedies. However, when health tests and checkups are more accessible with Gift Cards, people are more likely to get their tests done and monitor their health in a better way.

In the corporate world, a community of healthy employees translates into higher productivity, higher efficiency, and higher revenue.

Freedom to Send Health Gift Cards Anywhere, Anytime

After the Covid-19 pandemic, a significant number of employees are still working from home. Many companies have also permanently shifted to the work-from-home model. In cases where gift recipients are located far, sending out Gift Cards is the best idea.

Gift Cards can be made available in both offline and online forms. For those who live and work far away, sharing Gift Cards online provides complete flexibility and convenience to show care and promote health and wellness programs.

More Effective than Cash Incentives

According to recent Gift Card stats, 69% of companies using Gift Cards stated that Gift Cards are more effective than cash when it comes to motivating and rewarding employees. Giving gifts to employees is often a symbol of recognition and is considered among experiential gifts.

With Heart Health Month going on, it is the best moment to launch, use, and share Health Gift Cards with your loved ones, employees, partners, and others.