How to Boost Your Gift Card Sales?

While businesses usually make good profits during peak seasons, it is often difficult to make good sales when there is off-season or there are no festive holidays. Should you blame the season for it? No. You can always boost your sales, with the right strategy. Gift Card is the biggest part of that strategy that is going to help you attract more customers than ever. By selling more Gift Cards, you can significantly increase your revenue and profit. But, how can you sell more Gift Cards? Let’s find out.

1. Display Gift Cards on Highly Visible Sections

To ensure that customers notice your Gift Cards, showcase them in your stores in a highly visible place. You can place them on or near the checkout counter or set up displays in high-traffic areas, such as the "gift" section of your shop.

The good news is that executing this strategy is both simple and cost-effective. There are numerous pre-made gift card racks, shelves, and holders available for use in your store.

If you want your gift card displays to be more unique, you can even opt for a DIY approach. You can create your own gift card holders or racks and incorporate your store's colors and themes.

2. Try Promotion through Cross-Merchandise

A smart method to promote in-store Gift Cards is to place them close to relevant products. For instance, if you have arranged a Mother’s Day Gift Exhibit, why not display in-store Gift Cards there?

You can implement this strategy very effectively by promoting Mother’s Day Themed Gift Cards along with Mother’s Day Gifts and cross-promote them. This is a smart strategy because a significant number of people browsing the Gift section are looking for perfect gift cards. So, it is clever to have a Gift Card in that section.

3. Market Your Gift Cards Proactively

In most retail stores, gift cards are just there and are not promoted actively. Retailers sell them only when a customer asks to buy a Gift Card. If you wish your gift cards to sell more, you need to be proactive about marketing your gift cards. For instance, you must motivate your staff to mention Gift Cards at checkout or suggest them to customers who haven’t made any purchases and are on their way out.

4. Work Closely with Your Gift Card Reseller Online

If you wish to skyrocket the sales of your Gift Cards, another effective strategy is to work closely with your gift card reseller online. A reputable gift card reseller has a wider network of retailers and enterprises to promote your brand. Whether you are selling physical gift cards or e-gift cards, a gift card reseller online can help you distribute Gift Cards across multiple channels. They resell your Gift Cards to your targeted audience and the best part is that you can set your own profit margin.

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