In today’s time, online consumers are getting more and more options to buy items at a low cost. If you are not enticing your shoppers with something that they can’t resist, you are eventually going to lose your potential customers or even existing customers to your competitors. E-cards are proving to be one of the most effective strategies to divert more customers to your website and increase the conversion rate.

The number of marketers who are using e-cards to increase sales is growing each year. It means that not only will you need to offer e-cards to attract more online shoppers but you will also need to make your campaigns more strategic. Now, you must be wondering, what’s the solution to increase your company’s bottom line? Our answer is to implement e-cards in your marketing strategy.

What is an e-card?

E-cards are specifically designed for businesses who want to drive in more customers through time-sensitive sales or discount campaigns.

At Valuedesign, professionals can create a tailored program for your business to implement e-cards so that you can attract more new customers while retaining the old ones.

What makes e-cards more successful than traditional promotions?

Even though the primary purpose of e-cards is similar (driving sales), there is a significant difference between traditional promotions and e-cards. In general, traditional paper-based or plastic-based promotional materials are far more expensive than e-cards when it comes to implementing them in your marketing strategy. There is no cost related to material and printing.

Besides, there is no need your customers to physically visit you to get e-cards as these can be sent via SMS, emails, and automated communications. E-cards are quite easy to use and make your customers feel special and exclusive.

Another amazing benefit of offering e-cards is that you can capture the audience at a much larger scale than you can do with traditional promotional materials.

What are the benefits of offering e-cards for businesses?

The search for sales and companies that offer e-cards usually peaks at the time of holiday shopping, festive shopping, and special days of the year. You can create immense buzz through social marketing campaigns about the limited sale offers. The best thing about showing scarcity and putting limitations is that they drive more people to make purchases due to the fear of missing out (FOMO).

Besides, the majority of consumers buy e-cards because it makes them feel that they are making cost-effective choices. Retailers who offer e-cards report that this strategy helps them get repeat business from their customers. What’s more, e-card users spend significantly more than regular shoppers.

For businesses that are new to the industry and struggling to establish as a renowned brand, e-cards can make it easier for them to attract more customers. The demand for digital gift cards continues to accelerate as cardholders can buy anything from that specified brand.

So, if you haven’t yet implemented an e-card strategy to boost your sales, it’s time to take advantage of them and create more loyal customers who bring repeated business and increase your bottom line. To know more about how e-cards can help increase brand awareness among potential customers, get in touch with us today.