Grab the Perfect Gifts of Wellness for Self and Your Loved Ones and Enjoy Exciting Bonuses.

What could be a more caring act than giving the gift of wellness to yourself and your loved ones? With Valuedesign, Veridicus Health Care has launched Wellness Cards. So, the wait is over. Buy these Wellness Cards for any person you care about.

Why Buy Veridicus Wellness Cards?

Veridicus Wellness Cards are highly flexible, and you will love them for many reasons.

First, they are easy to gift. You simply need to choose the amount of the gift card and enter the details of the person you want to send the Wellness Card as a gift to (the recipient’s phone number and email-id). Make the payment. That’s all! You can also add a message to give a personal touch to this unique gift.

Second, the buyers of Veridicus Wellness Cards get to take advantage of exciting bonuses.

Third, Veridicus Wellness Cards are valid till 12 months after the purchase date, which means the recipient can purchase wellness products at their convenience. There is no need to rush.

Fourth, the recipient of Wellness Cards can check the remaining balance and expiry date anytime. Any amount left in the used gift card can be used again within the validity period.

Fifth, the Wellness Cards of Veridicus Health Care can be reloaded.

The sixth one is the icing on the cake – the bonus is also applicable on the Wellness Card Reloading

It is simpler, safer, and a lot more fun to make transactions at Veridicus Health Care.

Wondering who can most benefit from Veridicus Wellness Card?

Do you know someone in your circle or office who welcomed a new baby recently?

Does your sibling complain of pain in the hand or elbow due to working for long hours on the laptop/desktop?

Is someone in your office suffering from pain? Has someone been unfortunately involved in an accident?

Do you want your mother or wife to stay protected against injuries and pain while moving around and performing daily activities?

You see, there is always someone who needs care and a gift of wellness. You just need to think about the people around you and see who will appreciate your wellness gift.

So, apart from “Get well soon” wishes, also send a Veridicus Wellness Card so that they can also get the much-needed relief.

And who said you can show this kindness to only others? Buy Veridicus Wellness Cards for yourself and show some care to yourself too.

Value Insights about the Brand

Veridicus Health Care Pvt. Ltd. is the leading supplier of wellness products, including pain management products. It offers an extensive collection of wellness products ranging from abdominal belts and elbow support to clavicle braces, wrist binder thumb support, ice packs, and gym water bottles. The company is counted among trustworthy brands as it is CE and ISO certified and has also achieved the Good Manufacturing Certificate.