Tips to secure your digital life

• Take care of your passwords

If possible, enable 2FA (2-factors authentication) when the online service proposes this feature. Generate a strong and unique password for every service. Don’t spend your time to remember all those passwords, use a password manager like 1Password, LastPass, KeePass 2 to generate and store them.

• Keep your devices up-to-date

By devices, I mean your laptops/desktops but don’t forget that today, most electronic devices are also… computers! Think about your access points, ADSL modems, Smart TV’s, mobile phones, IoT (fridges, thermostat, etc). They also must be upgraded!

• Trust nobody!

Internet is not a world of care bears! You received a gift, an invitation, found a USB stick or are asked to perform a specific action to your computer. Have the good reflex to ask Why? or Do I know the person who’s asking me this? Don’t be afraid to decline or ask more information. Exactly like we learn to our kids: Do not talk to strangers.

Top 5 ways to improve your digital life.

1. Track when & where your emails are opened.

You can track when where and how many times your emails are read. Receiving notification when your email is opened.

Streak ( a google chrome browser app that allow Gmail users to easily track when & where their email was opened. Once installed Streak app automatically track emails for you. No need to do anything differently while composing the email nor will your email look differently to the recipient

2. Save time by cleaning up your inbox.

Most of us find our Inbox inundated with lots of unwanted spam and marketing email subscriptions almost every day. These unwanted email end up becoming a big-time sink. This is where the app comes in. you can instantly unsubscribe from the unwanted email subscriptions with a single click of the mouse and can also be used in organizing email subscriptions that you want to receive.

To start using the app, simple open your browser and sign up on by entering your email address. will now scan through your Inbox ad list all the email subscription that it found in one neatly organized screen.

You can use to unsubscribe from all the unwanted subscription by simple clicking Unsubscribe link next to it.

3. Use your phone to be punctual.

Do you have trouble making it to your meeting and appointments on time? BOUNCE-be on time on your phone can tell you when it’s time to leave from your current location to reach on time at meeting location.

BOUNCE keep track of your GPS location, the time and locations of the appointments listed in your calendar ad live traffic data e route to your appointment locations. So that it can give you timely reminders.

4. Save your password securely.

The online activity we do requires usernames and password to access our information. For security reason, it is recommended not to use same password for different sites- if a malicious user figure out the password, he will be able to access all your other accounts. The secure way to remember your password to remember it, but considering the large number of online activity each of us has it’s very difficult. Saving the password on notepad or MS Word is not advisable.

A much more secure alternative is to save your passwords in password manager in encrypted format. All you need to remember a master password to open the virtual locker. One of the best password manager is KeePass, which is available for free download from

Once you launch the KeePass app for the first time, you will need to click on the New Password Database button in the toolbar on the top. It will create a new database to save password for yourself.

5. Establish a better rapport with people you email.

Rapporative ( is a Gmail app that automatically replaces the right-hand-side ad bar in Gmail with useful and relevant information about everybody who emails you, so that you can build a more personal rapport with them.

Rapporative gets this information about people who email you by scraping popular media networks like facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. By showing the personal side of your professional contacts.

Digital Advise

- Protect your reputation! Use strong privacy settings to control what people can see about you online and on social media. You should treat your personal information like money – value it and protect it.