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Enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty with ValueDesign's gift card platform and solutions for long-term retention

We are changing the way retailers and business owners retain their customers. We are leveraging the latest technology to power the Gift Card industry and help businesses increase their ROI and retain their most valuable customers. We are a Gift Card solution provider focused on making the process simple and secure for businesses and their customers.

Customer Retention
Customer Retention

Accelerate your customer retention rate with Gift Card and e-coupon. Utilizing these digital gifting tools allows businesses to keep track of their campaigns’ success rate in real-time.

Customer Retention
Increase customer revisit

gift card and e-coupon can also help brands attract new customers and encourage them to revisit their websites time and time again. Increasing customer revisits with this programs will help your business grow tremendously.

Customer Retention
Get customers to buy more

People love discounts and coupons. With specifically designed interactive e-coupons, prepaid gift cards, and loyalty programs, you can get customers to shop more with you.

Customer Retention
Launch a loyalty program

Retain your business’ long-time customers by launching a loyalty program and offering them loyalty points when they shop with you. We prepare targeted offers that give you an insight into your customers’ shopping behaviour.

Customer Retention
Run marketing campaigns easily

Take your business marketing to a notch higher with our multi-channel systems. We provide you with time-critical customer information so that your marketing team can create targeted coupons and gift cards without fail, every time.

Propel your business to the height of success with our one-of-a-kind gift card solution with our various services.

Our digital gifting solutions cater to businesses of all sizes

From small startups to large-scale enterprises. With our safe and secure platform, we help you deliver rewards to your customers seamlessly. In addition to reselling and redistributing gift cards from industry leaders, we also provide support for businesses launching their own branded gift cards.

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