Gift Card Launching Made Easy with Valuedesign in 5 Steps

Gift Cards are generating a massive demand for gifting purposes throughout the year. Gift Cards offer more than just a gifting opportunity for your brand. Implementing an effective Gift Card Program can effectively boost brand awareness, as well as sales. What’s more, Gift Card Programs can mitigate the risk of security breaches by hackers or phishing scams, which is not always possible with other online payment methods.

To successfully launch a Gift Card Program, you need to follow the five steps given below:

Step 1: Goal Setting

Goal Setting

Clearly define your gift card program's objectives before you start. What sales targets do you want to achieve, and how will you measure success? In India, famous retailers sell Gift Cards to boost sales and enhance brand recognition. Moreover, a Gift Card Solution is a great marketing tool to drive more foot traffic to your store or website and encourage customers to make additional purchases.

Step 2: Program Design

Program Design

After setting your goals, you must create your Gift Card Program. Determine the types of Gift Cards you will offer, establish terms and conditions, and develop a promotional strategy. The process of establishing a Gift Card Program for retailers in India is very smooth when you have the right guidance and partner. Gift Card Programs powered by Valuedesign offer an authentic omnichannel experience for your customers.

Step 3: Distribution Channels

Distribution Channels

With Valuedesign, you have the flexibility to choose how you will distribute your Gift Cards. Will they be available in-store, online, or both? As one of the leading gift card processing companies, Valuedesign also offers distribution capabilities for your brand's gift cards, catering to both online and offline, corporate, and reseller customers. With Valuedesign’s order management solution, partners and resellers can easily sell your brand's Gift Cards across all channels.

Step 4: Gift Card Program Promotion

Distribution Channels

To ensure success, you must promote your Gift Card Program. You can use different channels such as email campaigns, social media, and other online marketing strategies to increase awareness. Gift Cards are an excellent way to show appreciation to customers who have previously made purchases from your store.

For instance, you can use Gift Cards in R&R Programs to incentivize customers by providing discounts or special offers. You can also use Gift Card Programs to encourage customer loyalty by rewarding them with points for their purchases.

Step 5: Sales Monitoring

Distribution Channels

Offering Gift Cards is one of the best ways for retailers to generate additional significant revenue from customers who may not have otherwise made a purchase. After launching your Gift Card Program,track your sales to ensure you are meeting your goals. Monitor the performance of your Gift Card Program and make necessary adjustments.

By following the above steps, you can ensure your Gift Card Program will be successful and help grow your brand awareness and sales.

Are you looking for a trusted and competent Gift Card Solution in India? Connect with Valuedesign today to launch a highly profitable Gift Card Program.