Valuedesign and Chicago Pizza Join Forces to Offer an Innovative Gift Card Program

Valuedesign Inc., the leading provider of Gift Card solution in Japan, has announced that a partnership between its Indian subsidiary, Valuedesign India Services Private Limited (Valuedesign India), and Chicago Pizza (Headquarters: New Delhi; Founder: Vishal Kapoor).

Valuedesign India has joined forces with Chicago Pizza – a well-renowned pizza chain with more than 129 outlets across India, to bring a new level of personalization and excitement to gifting. The Chicago Pizza card is the perfect way to treat loved ones to a delicious meal and make any occasions even more special.

The collaboration makes a significant milestone for both companies, as it brings together two industry leaders who share a passion for delivering high-quality products and services to customers. Valuedesign is excited to join hands with Chicago Pizza to offer an exceptional customer experience through their innovative sales solution “Gift Cards,” and the latest digital platforms.

With over half of the brand-specific cashless payment market share in Japan, Valuedesign has been providing a range of prepaid and Gift Card programs worldwide, including India, Thailand, Singapore, and Malaysia, helping retail partners expand their customer base and brand reach. Gift Cards powered by Valuedesign have been proven to increase sales, encourage repeat visits and nurturing loyal customers.

As the exclusive Gift Card partner of Chicago Pizza, Valuedesign will manage the Chicago Pizza Gift Card Program, providing Pizza lovers and enthusiasts with a user-friendly and intuitive payment system through the Closed Loop platform. This partnership will enable the Chicago Pizza to reach even more people through Valuedesign’s vast distribution network, expanding its customer base even further.

Last year, Chicago Pizza launched a new franchise pizza lounge in Nagpur, which was inaugurated by Minister Nitin Gadkari. Vishal Kapoor, the founder of the Delhi-based QSR Chicago Pizza, aims to strengthen its franchise business with a slew of pizza lounges and logistics centers across South, East, and West India.

Vishal Kapoor said that Indian customers could make Indian and Chinese cuisines at home but, when it comes to pizza, they love to venture outside their homes, and that’s true for most people.

What’s more, Chicago Pizza Founder and CEO Vishal Kapoor also won the award for “The Best Franchiser 2022” amidst a generous uproar of applause and cheer. Headquartered in Delhi, Chicago Pizza first came up with its pizza restaurant in 2008 and is now successfully running a chain of franchises across 100+ locations in India, which is a great achievement for both employees and loyal customers.

"We are thrilled to partner with Chicago Pizza for this exciting new venture of Gift Card Program," said the CEO of Valuedesign Shuji Hayashi. This partnership will ensure that the distribution of Chicago Pizza Gift Cards offers the best way to tap the untapped customers.

Gift Cards have become increasingly popular in recent years, and customers will surely appreciate the convenience, flexibility, and personalization that come with Chicago Pizza Gift Card.

The Chicago Pizza Gift Card Program has already launched, and customers can now buy Gift Cards for their loved ones, friends, colleagues, and themselves easily. With Chicago Pizza’s exceptional Delicious, Delightful, and Authentic products and Valuedesign’s state-of-the-art Gift Card platform, this partnership is going to be a hit with pizza customers across the country.

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