Valuedesign India Team Receives Prestigious Excellence Award11


Mumbai, India – Acknowledging remarkable achievements and milestones of employees is crucial in this fast-paced, highly competitive business world. It is the commitment, effort, and ingenuity of employees that contribute to the success of a company. Recognizing and praising high-performing employees not only boost their morale but also encourage other personnel to strive for excellence. In this regard, the Valuedesign India team indulges in a triumphant moment as we are honored with the distinguished Excellence Award on July 26, 2023.

With loud cheers and applause, Valuedesign's India team has shown a steadfast dedication to excellence that goes beyond figures and percentages during (FY 17) 2023. Our commitment to breaking barriers, offering unmatched customer experiences, and encouraging collaboration with top brands has put us on a path to achievement that is being recognized on a global stage.

"This time is truly electrifying," said the spokesperson at Valuedesign India. "The Excellence Award is a tribute to our staff's unwavering commitment and constant drive to innovate. We want to express our sincere thanks to Valuedesign Inc. for their constant support and our team for their persistent efforts."

The win demonstrates the harmonious relationship between the Valuedesign India Team and Valuedesign Inc., illustrating how cross-border collaboration can produce outstanding outcomes. The collaboration between both organizations demonstrates a shared commitment to continually pushing the industry forward.

Valuedesign is recognized for its extraordinary Gift Card Services in the industry. In addition to Gift Card Solutions, Valuedesign also offers Loyalty Solutions to help brands create a loyal customer base. Our ability to create custom Gift Cards and Loyalty Programs that connect brands with customers across India is an indication of our commitment to satisfying customers.

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About Valuedesign India

Valuedesign India is the leading provider of innovative Gift Card services, offering a diverse choice of customizable Gift Cards to suit a variety of occasions and interests. Valuedesign aspires to change the way individuals express their feelings via gifts by focusing on creating memorable experiences. Besides, Valuedesign also offers loyalty solutions to develop a loyal customer base. Headquartered in Japan, Valuedesign is a public-listed company in Japan since 2016, boasting a strong operational presence across different countries, including India, Thailand, Singapore, and Malaysia.

With a customer base of 50 million, Valuedesign India is one of the leading international gift card solution providers.

Under the insightful direction of Mr. Sachin Kumar, ValueDesign India leads the way in innovating the gift card industry. With his skilled leadership he is Committed to shaping creative strategies that lead to sustainable success and elevate the company's position within the competitive business landscape of India.

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