Tips to Skyrocket Your Sales in Holiday Season (2022) via Gift Cards

Summer vacations have arrived in India, and there is a renewed interest among Indians to make their travel plans passionately. While 40 percent of respondents revealed in a survey that they are planning for international travel, 60 percent are looking forward to travelling domestically.

Nearly 70 percent of Indians Plan to Travel This Summer - Zest Money

No matter the destination, there are few things common among all these plans. Most people will be shopping to buy essentials, jewelry, footwear, and clothing; booking bus and flight tickets; getting beauty treatments; having lavish food & beverages outdoors and more. Thus, it’s the perfect time to revise the marketing and sales strategy of your business.

That means higher footfall in the stores, more online shopping, more customer engagement, and more demand for, of course, gift cards.

Now, the question is - will potential customers choose your business over your competitors?

If you want people to spend their money and time on your products and services, a tailored Gift Card campaign can help you boost your sales. Budget-friendly options and grabbing opportunities to save more money are the topmost priorities among Indian people. And gift cards are the easiest way for them to save money.

The Gift Card Industry in India Is Projected to Reach Over US$6.5 billion in 2022. - PRNewswire

It clearly shows the growing popularity of Gift Cards among Indian consumers. So, when it comes to maximizing your sales and revenue, a Gift Card strategy must be integrated with your marketing campaigns.

Did you know that 69 percent of consumers spend more than the value of their gift cards? It means even if you are giving cashback with your gift cards, you will get back more from your customers than what you’ve invested in your cards to attract them.

Wondering what to do? Here are a few ways to skyrocket your holiday sales:

1. Partner with a Reputable Gift Card Provider

Given the high demand for gift cards, a significant number of businesses are focusing on providing Gift Cards to their customers. However, not all schemes succeed. Thus, you must partner with an esteemed Gift Card provider that understands your business well.

Your Gift Card Partner should not only provide you with the technology to process and activate those cards but also work with you to tailor an innovative and personalized gift card program to attract more customers and boost sales.

2. Optimize Your Gift Card Program for Mobile

Whether it is food order, tour package, ticket booking, or in-store/online shopping, most people now prefer using their mobile phones than ever to quickly place orders and make payments. So, to deliver the best experience, make your e-gift cards available for use through both emails and SMS.

Plus, ensure that your e-commerce website is mobile-friendly and supports payment through e-Gift Cards.

3. Advertise and Sell Your Gift Cards on Digital Marketplaces

While you can choose to provide physical gift cards, also allow your customers to buy E-Gift Cards through popular and trustable platforms. This way, even if people are not visiting your brick-and-mortar store, they can buy personalized gift cards online to gift them to their loved ones or for themselves.

To Conclude,

Customers love gift cards, especially when they are planning to do a lot of shopping for their domestic and international trips during summer. It gives them a sense that they are getting saving money and entices them to shop more and spend more.

At Valuedesign, we are the leading Gift Card solution provider in India and abroad, helping numerous reputable brands in bringing more new footfall, boosting sales volume, and expanding loyal customer base. So, if you are also looking for ways to skyrocket your sales during this holiday season and throughout the year, feel free to connect with us today.